Summer Journal: Week 5

How I used up some zucchini this week. Added prosciutto, pasta and basil. Recipe from Bon Appetit

We later found out it was National Hot Dog Day on the day that Joel made our own rendition of choripan. I preferred this. Smoked sausage, split lengthwise on a good bun with tomato, herby mayo, greens AND HASHBROWNS.

Apricots that were actually good!

A visit from Joel's folks before we all headed up to the cabin for the weekend. Ceviche at Zona Blanca.

Margot sidled up to her new favorite wine.

The family looks on as Luna goes on a test run on the boat.

She got her sea legs.

On Saturday morning I had some time to myself for a nice long walk.

Family photo

And then my phone died. And then I got a stomach bug on our final morning there that lasted through Monday night. I lay on the couch for hours and watched two episodes of Grantchester with the cat on my lap. I finished East of Eden (wow). I started Sherman Alexie's new memoir. And I weeded the front garden beds. Now it's back to a frenzy of getting stuff ready for another weekend away, and settling into August.

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