About Elizabeth

Perhaps you are wondering...

What's this blog about? Mostly about food and crafts, sometimes food crafts. And life in Spokane, which is where I currently reside with my boyfriend and cat and dog.

What do you do for a living? I work in marketing at a small liberal arts university.

What's with the name of this blog? The harpsichord is one of my favorite instruments. I love its clangy, electric tones. I love how awesome it sounds in more modern music (like the Beach Boys and Stereolab). I also love the inverted black and white keys. It doesn't seem like an instrument you play quietly, either. This may seem like a random collection of things, but all this is to say that I envision a harpsichordian (a word I made up) as a person who loves to bring new life to old things and to do it boldly.

What kind of camera do you use? Since July 2012 I've been using a Canon EOS Rebel T3i with the kit lens, sometimes with a fixed 50 mm.

In summary...this is a space for me to keep up a habit of documenting good things. I really love blogging and started my journey on this blog many years ago. I like to write and am not shy about sharing what's going on in the everydayness of my life, so I hope you find something to enjoy on here. I hope that it inspires you to do something like it's no big deal, because we're all just trying things out and seeing what we like, you know? That's one of the best things about life.