Summer Journal: Week 4

Aaaaand... Another post that starts with food. 

While winter gravitates around the soup pot, my summer rotation is all about the salad bowl. Everything is a salad to me these days.

I got re-blonded. But this picture is mostly a reminder of how my hair stylist obliterates my hair-part in the chicest of ways, and how I can never replicate it at home.

Three of my nieces! They bring the fun sister vibe wherever they go and are a delight. They were in town with my brother and sister-in-law on a camping trip in Coeur d'Alene and hopped over to Spokane for dinner one night.

Just another oddball day at work. Working on a photo shoot for an admissions postcard.

Wait, this was the oddball day at work. We had a Friday Funday celebration in our parking lot and made magnetic galaxy slime. I kid you not.

Friday began the birthday weekend celebration of my favorite human. It started with genever and snacks.

This is how you properly drink genever. Fill a shot glass to the brim. Don't pick it up. Slurp it from the table. We've watched old men in Antwerp do this with style. Something to work towards.

From there, a quick round of shuffleboard at Zona Blanca on a night out.

Wine in a sippy cup. A friend of mine thinks this is very neat. I find it very weird. But if it helps prevent spills in a beautifully restored theater, I'll deal with it.

The main attraction: Lyle Lovett. He's so much more than the Julia Roberts era would lead you (me) to believe. Fun fact: I just learned he majored in German. This was my second time seeing him and I continue to be impressed with his stage presence, his voice (duh), his variety, and his fiddle player (front left). That guy is amazing.

I made lemon curd to accompany an angelfood cake. I will take any excuse to add lemon.

Cooling the cake. This is where small bottles with small necks come in handy.

We got ice cream with our friends.

Seen on the morning walk. Or did it see me?

This week I was especially aware of how precious life is, the giveth and the taketh. Savor everything. Express love and gratitude. Don't wait.

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